InstaVid360 Reporting

Gather data from buyer behaviour while using your 360° spins to make more successful lead follow-ups.

By tracking customer engagement with 360° images created from the InstaVid360 solution, real-time data from customer engagement is served to InstaVid360 partners in a reporting API or through InstaVid360's white-labelled web reporting suite.

The reporting service provides data at OEM, group and dealer level, providing business development centres and dealerships with insight on their VDP, one-to-one messages, and inventory performance.

With InstaVid360's web reporting service, dealers can:

  • Monitor inventory listings with or without 360° image, video or gallery content.
  • Measure the engagement their 360° spins have across all Vehicle Display Portals.
  • Track the creation of content by the photography team.
  • Measure the effectiveness of one-to-one messages sent by the sales team.

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