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InstaVid360 is a complete remarketing and merchandising tool provided to dealers, OEMs, and partners either as an "InstaVid360" or "Own Brand" white-label solution. InstaVid360 combines cutting-edge photography, digital showroom, and 360° Spin stabilisation technology into one simple-to-use app.
360° Spins
Custom Video
A.I. Image Processing & Stabilisation
A.I. Image Processing
& Stabilisation
White-Label Option
Interactive Hotspots & Damage Tagging
Interactive Hotspots
& Damage Tagging
Background Blurring
Digital Licence Plate
Digital Licence
Digital Showroom
Inventory Integration
360° Spin Stitching
360° Spin
Client Alerts
Content API
Content API
360° Spin Solution
Create Exterior
& Interior 360° Spins
Harness the power of interactive exterior walk-around, interior panoramic, or turntable 360° Spins, which can be sent to customers or published directly to vehicle detail pages.
Shoot for the Cars
Benefit from better photos with InstaVid360's guided photography, automated digital background replacement, licence plate blurring, and digital showroom technology to bring inventory to life.
Import photos already syndicated online
Create consistent high quality photos using the guided gallery template
Edit photos to adjust rotation, contrast and brightness
Manage photos by reordering, tilting and updating new photos
Video Solution
Custom Video
& Personalised Sharing
Create and edit automatically branded videos or use InstaVid360's automated video slideshow creator. Share photos, videos, and 360° Spins directly with prospects or push content instantly to social media pages using InstaVid360’s in-app sharing functionality.
Real-time Reporting with VIN-Specific Tracking
Access reporting via our web portal or reporting API to track enhanced engagement on VPDs and drive usage.
Overlay Guides
Overlay guided templates
Effortlessly create captivating vehicle spins and videos with user-friendly guided overlay templates, ensuring a seamless and effective process.
Messaging & Sharing
InstaVid360 content increases dealer website and marketplace VDP engagement and enables dealers to communicate directly with customers via branded and personalised sharing functionality.
Hotspot Innovation
Feature & Damage
Hotspot Tagging
Tag vehicle features and damage with video, high-resolution photos, and descriptions to increase engagement on VDPs and build trust with customers.
Virtual Showroom & Background Replacement
Let InstaVid360's A.I. technology create realistic virtual showrooms, brand videos, and anonymise licence plates of vehicles on the fly.
Special Projects
Take to the skies
Elevate your projects with drone-enabled 360 spins, adding a unique perspective and versatility to your special endeavours.
Integration, Integration
Link up with InstaVid360's numerous APIs to sync content seamlessly between stock systems and website VDPs. Integrate the custom web player to easily display InstaVid360 content on any platform.
Instavid360 Mobile Apps
InstaVid360 combines cutting-edge photography, digital showroom, and 360° Spin stabilisation technology into one simple-to-use app.
Cost-effective & Easy to Use
Join thousands of satisfied InstaVid360 dealers and white-label partners using tools specifically built for remarketing at scale. InstaVid360's flexible commercial models make these tools accessible to any automotive business.

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